Lunch Menu

                      About the Phoenix Kitchen

The Phoenix Kitchen at the Calaveras Senior Center serves nutritious lunches on week days from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Our staff has done a fabulous job in creating a menu to cater to a variety of taste buds. Each week there are five different meals planned. There are no age restrictions. Everyone is welcome.

>> Click here to download the November 2020 menu*. <<

Beginning March 3/16/2020, until further notice, we will ONLY be offering        GRAB AND GO Meals. Please pull up to the front door in your vehicle to purchase your meal ticket. Then pull around to the back kitchen door where your meal will be delivered to you.


All lunches include a beverage and dessert

  • $7.00 Full Lunch - Main entrée, soup and salad bar

  • $5.00 Soup and Salad Bar

  • $4.00 Salad Bar

  • $3.00 Bowl of Soup

  • $2.00 Cup of Soup

 If you are getting a "to-go" lunch, please bring your own containers.


Styrofoam Containers $0.25 each


 * Menu is subject to change without notice, but the Senior Center will attempt to 
notify you of any changes as far in advance is possible.