Lunch Menu

                      About the Phoenix Kitchen

The Phoenix Kitchen at the Calaveras Senior Center serves nutritious lunches on week days from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Our staff has done a fabulous job in creating a menu to cater to a variety of taste buds. Each week there are five different meals planned. There are no age restrictions. Everyone is welcome.

>> Click here to download the December 2019 menu*. <<


  • $6.00 for a full meal (main entrée, soup & salad, dessert and a beverage)

  • $5.00 per person for soup and salad only

  • $4.00 for pint of soup

  • $0.50 per cup of coffee

 If you are getting a "to-go" lunch, please bring your own containers. 
The price of the styrofoam has gone up and your containers will save you and us money!

 * Menu is subject to change without notice, but the Senior Center will attempt to 
notify you of any changes as far in advance is possible.